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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rolling the Dice

Last night I waded into the world of the metaphysical. I attended a class on telekenesis (moving inanimate objects around using telepathy), where attendees tried to manipulate a set of dice: The idea was that if they concentrated on, say, the number six, they'd throw the dice and a six would pop up.

I was covering the class for a future story, but I took my turn at the dice, too. I got my number on occasion -- about one-sixth of the time when we were using just one die. When I rolled two, I discovered sevens were far easier to get than twelves. The woman teaching the class, whose name is Dove of Light, consoled me by saying this was really an intermediate discipline: It's hard to get into the groove the first time out.

She says everyone has the knack for this sort of thing: It's simply mind over matter, she believes. But there's a spiritual element to it, too. Ms. of Light says she's a big believer in the spirit world. She also teaches classes at the Celebration Conscious Living Store, 2211 W. Colorado Ave., on how to contact your guardian angel and other spiritual teachers.


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