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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Summer Mooovie

The animated movie "Barnyard" has left a handful of Internet-savvy Christians a little ... disturbed ... that the male cows in the film all have udders.

The sentiments expressed by some are adequately outlined in this review. Though this is (I think) tongue-in-cheek, others take this sort of stuff very seriously. A few believe that the makers were lobbying for some sort of transgendered society. One online poster said that the movie's makers were playing God. Conservative Christians living in Colorado Springs may wonder whether the movie is a sneaky follow to the whole "Mooing Dog" diversity campaign.

That said, most Christian Web sites have given the film positive reviews: No cussing, a good message at the end, etc.

"Bovine gender reassignment notwithstanding," wrote a reviewer for Focus on the Family's PluggedIn Online Web site, "the kids got great lessons about accepting responsibility, defending others and the powerful bond between father and son."


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