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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Door-to-door witnesses

Colorado Jehovah's Witnesses want you to come to their convention. In fact, they may come to your door to invite you in person.

Jehova's Witnesses -- about 6.6 million of them worldwide -- are no strangers to door-to-door evangelism, of course. This Christian sect is behind the magazine "The Watchtower," which believers have doled out to countless Americans for decades.

Jehovah's Witnesses hope their Aug. 25-27 District Convention, titled "Deliverance at Hand!," will be a catalyst for spiritual renewal. According to a press release from the group, organizers hope to hand out invitations to people living in "selected parts" of Colorado Springs and other Colorado cities, including Denver, Aurora, Grand Junction, Lakewood and Commerce City. Pueblo, apparently, didn't make the cut.

The convention beginst at 9:30 a.m. Aug. 25 at 15290 Arena Circle in Loveland. It's free, and no collections will be taken.


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