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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wandering Jews

A pair of Hasidic Jews is traveling across Colorado using Colorado Springs as their home base.

Rabbis Berel Zaklikofsky and Yossi Goodman adhere to what Zaklikofsky calls an "ultra-orthodox" form of Judaism. They've spent several days hopping from town to town, connecting with fellow Jews and, in some cases, reintroducing them to their traditional faith. They are, in some ways, Jewish evangelists -- only they're evangelizing fellow believers. Rabbi Moishe Liberow, a local Hasidic Jew who's coordinating the Colorado tour, called them "spiritual spark plugs."

Their visit is part of a globe-trotting Jewish outreach, with 280 young, orthodox rabbis touring the world. It's an annual rite for some of these rabbis: The Jewish organization Chabad-Lubavitch (to which the rabbis belong) encourages such trips every summer.

"Every opportunity that we have, every chance that we have to inspire a Jew to become connected with God, we need to (take advantage) of that opportunity right away," said Zaklikofsky.

He and Goodman have traveled to Alamosa, Durango, Trinidad and Pueblo so far, and will head farther afield next week: They're scheduled to visit Jewish inmates in prisons in Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.


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