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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bad news for Jack Bauer

While Presbyterians and Episcopalians were debating gay clergy in mid-June, a diverse band of faith leaders rallied to decry torture -- and stir just a touch of controversy.

A group of 27 faith leaders paid for an advertisement in The New York Times June 13 titled "Torture is a Moral Issue," and asked the United States to ban torture and inhumane treatment of its prisoners. Faith leaders who signed the statement included the Rev. Rick Warren, founder of California's Saddleback Church and author of the popular book "The Purpose Driven Life;" Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, outgoing Catholic archbishop of Washington, D.C.; and our own the Rev. Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals.

It's rare you'll see folks like Haggard, also senior pastor for New Life Church, sign the same document approved by former President Jimmy Carter and Sayyid Syeed, the national director of the Islamic Society of North America. Haggard, after all, is often seen as a leading figure in conservative (and politically active) Christianity. And his support didn't go unnoticed by Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly, who believes accusations of U.S.-sanctioned torture are hogwash. He lambasted both Haggard and another signee, the Rev. Jim Wallis, on his program. It's another illustration that the evangelical world is more diverse than sometimes thought.


Blogger my_take said...

Don’t kid yourself, these guys aren’t conservative. Ted Haggard and his peers have been slouching leftward for sometime, both doctrinally, politically and socially. The doctrine these guys teach is increasingly a watered down version of the Gospel ladened with more new age psychobabble than biblical truth. Both Haggard and Warren when given the many opportunities to speak the Gospel in the public square, fall short. For instance, on the Tom Brokaw special last fall, in front of millions of television viewers, Haggard had a golden opportunity to carefully communicate the biblical message of salvation, but instead the president of the largest organization that claims to propagate the evangel, the good news, invented his own message—a gospel of “love” and self-help. WHAT A TRAGEDY! In the same number of words, Haggard could have said, “We are called to spread the truth that without personal, repentant faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, men are damned,” but he did not. Why? Because the biblical call to repentance and obedient discipleship is far too offensive for the man-centered, approach of the market-driven, megachurch movement. Politically, well you said it. How can a fair minded person, let alone a conservative, sign a document so obviously slanted to the left. This document has no proof of what it implies. And to be on the same page as Jimmy Carter, come on. Carter is probably the one most responsible for the state of relations between the Islamic world and the west by his bungling of the Iranian situation in the 70’s. Thank You Jimmy, a little back bone then could have saved us a lot of blood now. Finally Ted Haggard recently tried his best Jesse Jackson imitation by lambasting King Soopers during a service for having a ‘New Lifer’ arrested for shoplifting. What’s next, down right Jesse style extortion? These guys aren’t conservative, and by them signing this document, it proves they are just seeking approval of the left in order to build a bigger following. But what really saddens me is that they have fooled a lot of conservatives into thinking they are one of them, when in fact they have been seduced by slick packaging.

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