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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What constitutes marriage?

The Gazette ran a half-page advertisement on page A7 yesterday featuring the face of a freckled, downcast boy. The ad read "Why doesn't Senator Salazar believe every child needs a mother and a father?"

The ad, purchased by Focus on the Family Action, is the ministry's lastest salvo in its crusade to get a federal Marriage Protection Amendment passed. The act, up for a vote early next month, would cement a traditional definition of marriage into the U.S. Constitution and make a bevy of similar state-wide amendments (including one expected to be up for a vote in Colorado this November) superfluous.

Similar ads are running across the country, calling out 16 senators for their lack of support. Focus' Web site has what it calls a "grassroots resource area," which offers Focus-centric information as well as streamlined ways to connect with senators. It includes a link to another effort Focus participated in -- an attempt to send more than 1 million postcards to senators in favor of a traditional definition of marriage.


Blogger Victoria said...

I don't understand why this topic is getting so much attention again...

We're at war, we're seeing spikes of inflation...

I understand that individuals are divided on the issue - but is this really worth national time and legislative attention TODAY?

10:26 PM  
Blogger Nicole and Chad said...

This letter in the Gazette says it all:

Married couples need info to panic properly

As my wife and I approach our 35th wedding anniversary in August, I would appreciate someone laying out in detail precisely what it is that we should be looking over our shoulders for if two men or two women are allowed (gasp!) to marry. Sen. Wayne Allard says that “traditional marriage is under assault,” and James Dobson agrees that gays “want to destroy the institution of marriage.”

To be properly paranoid, we need details. It never seems to go beyond those vague statements. Do we need more locks on our doors? Will our marriage license in a safe deposit box be the target of an armed assault? Will one or both of us be kidnapped and subsequently brainwashed into becoming gay or finding marriage to be icky? We need to know.

In the meantime, we’ll be trying to decide how to enjoy what will apparently be our last anniversary prior to our gay-inspired divorce.

Dick Maxwell

It is incredible to me, that with the problems this society has, that the main goal of so many is to stop others from getting married and making a lifetime committment.

12:14 PM  

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