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Monday, May 22, 2006

Movie Mayhem

Despite sporadic calls for a boycott and negative reviews, Ron Howard's film "The Da Vinci Code" pulled in $77 million, according to a USA Today article. The take was higher than what analysts had predicted.

That was probably a disappointment to a few Christian leaders, who had called for Christians to boycott the movie. Barbara Nicholosi, a Christian media expert, called for what she termed an "othercott," pushing Christians to check out the animated "Over the Hedge" instead of "Da Vinci."

"Over the Hedge," by the way, pocketed an impressive $37.2 million nationally.

But many churches actually hopped on the "Da Vinci" bandwagon. For instance locally, Woodmen Valley Chapel handed out tracts that debunked Brown's book, and will launch into a series on the movie next week. My bet is that movie theaters playing "Da Vinci" won't be the only establishments playing to packed houses over the next couple of weeks.


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