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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Get out and vote! Maybe!

Yesterday I riffed off a New York Times story that suggested conservative Christians might desert the GOP this November. I said that, while it's not unheard of for this powerful voting bloc to grumble over the Republican party's foot-dragging on what conservative Christians term "family issues," I couldn't imagine them telling voters to stay home.

Lo and behold, CitizenLink -- a grassroots lobbying arm of Colorado Springs'-based Focus on the Family -- sent out an e-mail blast to some of its constituents this morning.

"It's imperative that we keep -- and place even more -- conservatives in office to help advance pro-family policies," the e-mail read. "Long-standing issues like abortion, the federal marriage amendment and stem-cell research are bound to come up again during the next Congress. With pro-family margins already too close for comfort, this is not the time to be silent. Your voice is despearately needed this November."

Richard Viguerie said in the Times piece that, perhaps, conservatives would sit back and let the Republicans lose this time around to teach them all a lesson. It doesn't sound as if Focus is willing to let that happen -- at least not at this point.


Blogger ZC said...

Rev. Rick Scarborough echoes the CitizenLink theme in his news letter today, "I am hearing more and more discussions among values voters that the only course of action left is to stay at home in the fall and teach the politicians a lesson. I believe that is exactly the wrong approach for us to take.

During the last election cycle some of the most dedicated Christian men and women in Congress were elected and others were returned. While still the minority, we are making progress.

We must work harder and stay engaged, expressing our concerns and demanding redress of our grievances. Staying home is not an option for those who love our Lord and our country. Now more than ever we must Stand up, Speak up, and Refuse to give up! "

His "While still the minority, we are making progress" comment puzzles me - aren't the majority of members of Congress Christian of one stripe or another?

Dr. Dobson's ominous "trouble down the road" threat never sounded authentic. Where else could he turn in pursuit of his social engineering agenda, Democrats? Libertarians?

Take Care -


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