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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Passionate outreach

Local Christian publisher NavPress will publish New Testament translations bearing the title "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" on the cover.

NavPress will publish the books -- repackaged versions of the company's wildly popular paraphrase "The Message" -- for, an organization that ministers to porn addicts and people involved in the porn industry. The books will be available only through, and won't have a presence on NavPress' Web site. XXXChurch plans to distribute the books at erotica conventions.

According to Lauren Libby, a vice president for NavPress' parent organization The Navigators, printing the new version was a no-brainer. The books are designed to reach the same kinds of folks that Jesus hung out with back in the day.

"That's the thing, you know," Libby said. "The Lord does care about everybody."


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