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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mutual antagonists

The Rev. Ted Haggard and his Colorado Springs congregation New Life Church snagged an interesting mention in "Science & Theology News" yesterday. The article focused on scientist Richard Dawkins' visit to the church several months ago, which he used in his two-part British television special on religion titled "Root of All Evil?"

"Science & Theology" explores the synergy between science and theology. There are lots of discussions about evolution, ethics and the afterlife. The publication doesn't fawn over religion, but it doesn't belittle it either, and it took a very dim view of atheist Dawkins' treatment of New Life: Dawkins titled the New Life episode "The Virus of Faith" and compared the church's worship services to Nazi war rallies.

"These anti-religious atheists, who want us to call them 'brights,' are now presuming to study religious behavior as if it were schizophrenia or claustrophobia," writes Science & Theology editor Karl Giberson. "They will watch religious life from afar, and then patronizingly explain where religion comes from and how it originated because of the role it played in the survival of some primitive tribe in the early days of evolution."

A new book by Dawkins, called "The God Delusion," is scheduled for release this September.


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