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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Focus follow

A follow-up to a couple of earlier blog items this week:

Tom Minnery at Focus on the Family says the organization won't discourage people from voting come November, contrary to a New York Times story The Gazette reprinted Monday.

"Conservatives are concerned about the pace of progress on federal issues important to the family," he wrote to me via e-mail. "Dr. Dobson was in Washington to talk about this with members of Congress, not to issue any threats or ultimatums. The New York Times reporter got it wrong in his story over the weekend."


Blogger ZC said...

Always blame the media. Here's another example from that raging liberal firebrand rag, the Wall Street Journal;

"There is a lot of discontent," says the Rev. Rick Scarborough, president of Vision America, an organization based in Texas aimed at mobilizing conservative pastors. "Values voters see their vote as a sacred trust, and they are not going to vote for waffling and compromising candidates. I'm doing my best to get that message to the waffling candidates."

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