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Monday, June 26, 2006

Truth and Dare

I attended part of a seminar on "The Truth Project" this Saturday at Focus on the Family. It's a new and unusual initiative by the Colorado Springs-based organization.

"The Truth Project" is, at its core, a push to convince Americans to accept what Focus calls a "Christian worldview." The idea is to create Christian idealists who will shape the culture rather than be shaped by it. From the brief overview I received, it appears to be half apologetics course (laying out rational arguments for Christian belief) and half social advocacy (God frowns upon same-sex marriage, inheritance taxes and a number of other issues).

What I find most interesting about this project, though, is that Focus wants to use a grassroots system of classes to further these views. Focus hopes that many of the 1,100 people who attended this weekend's seminar will take a "Truth Project" DVD set and use it as the backbone of 12-week, home-based small group sessions attended by leaders' friends, neighbors and workmates. Hmmm.

Focus officials admit the program is "risky," and it'll be interesting to see how well it works. Be looking for a larger piece on "The Truth Project" and similiar initiatives to run in The Gazette.


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