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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Sure, two national denominations made some major news yesterday. The Episcopalians look as if they'll be departing from the worldwide Anglican family soon, and Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., left the door open for individual churches to ordain gay clergy if they want. But I'd rather talk about something REALLY important today: World Cup soccer.

According to an Associated Press story, German churches are trying to attract soccer fans by televising soccer matches and weaving soccer themes into their sermons. A Roman Catholic priest in the town of Freudenstadt started off his homily by referencing Germany's last-minute 1-0 victory over Poland.

"When we think all is lost, there is always hope," he said.

Germany, like most of Western Europe, has seen church attendance plummet in the last few decades. The move is an effort to get Germans to blend worship with winning: Germany is undefeated in match play so far.


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