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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Catching up ...

When I come back from vacation, I never know exactly what's going to be at my desk.

This time, the highlight was a 3-by-4-foot cardboard sign dropped off by a reader, blasting "The Da Vinci Code" via a patchwork crossword. The word "DA VINCI CODE" was written horizontally across the board, with its letters used as springboards for vertically-written epithets like "BLASPHEMY" and "EVIL."

I feel like I need to write a nice thank-you note and send the sign back. But do they make envelopes that big?


Blogger K.S. said...

I'd *really* like to see a picture of that! :-)

11:08 AM  
Blogger Metaphysics Man said...

Either/Or. All Good/All Bad. Seems like the DA VINCI CODE creative crossword 'artist' has problems living in our grey world that mixes both fact and fiction. Combine that with the topic of religion and extremism invariably ensues.

This is one of the reasons why philosophy students at PPCC decided to utilize the movie to kick off their first meeting of summer philosophical discussions. Some hope these regular bi-weekly discussions about ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, religion, politics, and all the rest will lead toward the formation of an official Philosophy Club for the PPCC system of schools in CO Springs.

What a concept, eh? -- using our minds to help discern what is good and evil, what is real and what is not. Whether a person of faith, agnostic, or atheist, we would all do well to engage more of our unique reasoning capabilities before barking, nipping, and biting at each other. Wouldn't you agree?

For more info about our ongoing philosophy discussion group, check out our newly-formed website/blog at

Bruce McCluggage
PPCC Adjunct Philosophy instructor

7:54 AM  

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