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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pushing petitions

Focus on the Family has been sending letters to its Colorado constituents, asking them to circulate a pair of petitions to further a traditional view of marriage.

Neither of the petition drives was initiatied by Focus, based in Colorado Springs. Coloradans for Marriage is circulating a petition asking for a state constitutional amendment, defining marriage as between a man and woman. Another petition, this one spearheaded by Protecting Colorado Children, seeks to outlaw civil unions. Focus is a vocal opponent of gay marriage, and has its hand in several such initiatives in states across the country.

"As you're undoubtedly aware, this battle is intensifying almost daily, and the opposition is extremely formidible," writes Focus Vice President Tom Minnery in his letter. "Nonetheless, the stakes are simply too high for us to back down."

Both petition drives require 68,000 signatures by July 31 for these measures to get on the November ballot, and Minnery cautions people that they can't sign a petition they themselves are circulating.


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