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Monday, July 24, 2006


The Christian Coalition of Colorado, which sent out a mailing this month accusing congressional candidates Jeff Crank and Lionel Rivera of "supporting the homosexual lobby," is catching flak from the very constituency it hoped to rally: conservative Christians.

At least two major evangelical churches made mention of the Christian Coalition's mailing this weekend. The Rev. Ted Haggard, senior pastor for the 14,000-member New Life Church, mentioned the mailing during New Life's Sunday services.

At Mountain Springs Church, a 3,000-member church on the east side of town, the Rev. Steve Holt - on sabbatical - issued a statement read during the church's services. It called the mailing "yellow journalism" and the information it contained "a blatant lie."

"If any of you are involved in the Christian Coalition," the statement read, "I would encourage you to let the leadership of this group know that this type of underhanded journalism is not acceptable of being under the name 'Christian.'"


Blogger ZC said...

Political mailing = journalism?

I bet nobody laughed.

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