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Monday, August 28, 2006

Promises, promises

There's nothing more frightening than watching a bunch of uncoordinated men dance with each other.

This was a conclusion I drew after going to Promise Keepers' Aug. 25-26 rally at the Colorado Springs World Arena on Friday night. About 7,000 men attended, according to PK officials -- and most of them were rockin' out to the worship band PK7.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. The men I saw were clearly fired up about the whole event. Some even started a chant across the arena: "We love PK yes we do! We love PK how 'bout you?!" I didn't stay for the whole event, but I'm sure a "wave" got started at some point.

I was there to put the last piece in place for a story about men's ministry, which will be published in Tuesday's paper. It seems that, while men flock to events like this, few show up for church. I tried to answer why. Look for it and tell me what you think: Not just about the story itself, but about the issue. Do you know of a church that does men's ministry particularly well? Particularly badly? I'd like to learn more.

But, if you're a man, please don't send a picture of yourself dancing. That's more than I can deal with.


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