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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Their moral duty

CitizenLink, part of the Springs-based Focus on the Family, is telling churches exactly how involved they can -- and cannot -- get in the coming political elections.

In a story titled "Churches Can Do Plenty in Advance of Election Day," CitizenLink Associate Editor Steve Winn reports that churches are prohibited from endorsing (or opposing) a particular candidate. Talking about issues like gay marriage and abortion are fair game -- as is telling congregants how candidates stand on these issues.

And, of course, churches can encourage their congregants to vote.

Regular church-goers are more apt to vote Republican than non-church-goers, and evangelicals -- Focus' primary audience -- typically vote overwhelmingly for GOP candidates.


Blogger Harold Higbee said...

I have one comment: Who is the President, James Dodson or G. "Dubba" Bush. James, keep your religion in C Springs and leave the politics to Washington. Let the Republicans get us out of this MESS we are in.

3:34 PM  

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