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Monday, January 16, 2006

Does this clash with my halo?

I picked up the latest issue of "Today's Christian Woman" and what did I see? An article titled "How to Dress for Spiritual Success: 6 Things God Wants You to Wear Every Day."

We'll leave aside for the moment why I'd be reading "Today's Christian Woman." The story, by Sheila Walsh, sounded pretty darn interesting.

Alas, Walsh is not telling Christian women that God has a "thing" for black dresses or colored panty-hose. The story's actually a contemporary nod to Ephesians, where the Apostle Paul talks about the "full armor of God:" The Belt of Truth, the Helmet of Salvation, that sort of thing. The article had precious little to do with fashion, except to say that high-heeled shoes aren't suitable footwear for overseas mission trips.

" .... how often do we show up in the lobby of our life in high-heeled pumps and pink capris?" Walsh writes.

Ah, well. Perhaps someday an ambitious writer will pen a story about the Scarf of Goodness, or the Handbag of Righteous Anger.


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