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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Allegiance to Alito

The judicial hearings over Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito are in full swing, and Focus on the Family, of course, has offered its own two cents on the matter with a series of targeted radio ads.

Funded by the Springs-based organization's lobbying arm, Focus on the Family Action, the ads target states where a handful of swing senators are based. The targeted states are Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, West Virginia, Wisconsin and, of course, Colorado -- home of democratic Senator Ken Salazar, who last year called Focus "the anti-Christ."

Focus does not mention that whole "anti-Christ" episode during its ads (no hard feelings, apparently), but it does suggest that listeners call the senator and suggest he side with "the people of Colorado" rather than "Ted Kennedy."

"Our ads make it clear the disconnect between mainstream America and left-wing values," said Tom Minnery, Focus Action's vice president of government and public policy, in a recent press release. "Those values -- held by Massachusetts' Sen. Ted Kennedy and his cronies -- dictate the hysterical opposition to Judge Alito's nomination despite his overhwelming qualifications."


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