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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wommack and white powder

Andrew Wommack Ministries got some unwelcome visitors yesterday ... an envelope filled with white powder and a HAZMAT team.

One employee, according to The Gazette, wasn't surprised.

"Andrew has been in the ministry for like 37 years and he often gets threats," said the employee, Gabe Wexler.

But I guess I was a little surprised. With the number of high-profile and controversial ministries we have in Colorado Springs, Andrew Wommack Ministries seems pretty low-key. The organization takes in less than $10 million a year -- a pittance compared to the revenue of Focus on the Family or Compassion International. Wommack himself is essentially a televangelist. The ministry also runs Charis Bible College. The organization is one of dozens in town that do their business while keeping a pretty low profile.

The ministry's Web site is at, if you're interested.


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