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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Take a right on Proby ...

It looks like Proby will get a street, after all. The city decided to name a planned expressway after the longtime Colorado Springs pastor -- a guy who had been one of the city's leading civil rights activists for more than four decades.

It's a cool honor, though still probably not ideal for many of Proby's supporters, who had wanted all of Fountain Boulevard named after Proby. Fountain runs right past Proby's old church. The city council rejected the proposal -- a move that some called racist, but others said was just a matter of logistics -- all those street signs, all those businesses ...

Regardless, I'm personally happy to see Proby honored. I had a chance to meet and interviewed him a few months before he died last year. Even then, when he was missing part of a leg and due to get more of it amputated, I was impressed with both his strength and optimism. I wasn't surprised at all that he continued preaching almost up to the day of his death.


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