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Friday, January 20, 2006

And don't forget what Freud said about spears ...

Most evangelical Christians are ga-ga over the movie "End of the Spear," which opened locally today. The story's about the rather up-and-down relationship between a group of missionaries and an Amazonian tribe -- the first face-to-face meeting involved a great deal of hacking and killing on the part of the tribe -- and the story's real-life narrator, Steve Saint, has become a traveling celebrity in many Christian circles.

But the American Family Association (who last made big noise in the wars over the word "Christmas") and a handful of other conservative groups are ticked because the movie's star, Chad Allen, is involved in (in the association's words) "homosexual activism."

"Given the publicity of Chad Allen's activism and the intensity of his mission to normalize homosexuality -- a mission clearly articulated on his Web site -- it is hard, if not impossible, to suspend belief and see him as a missionary martyr for the Gospel," wrote evangelical broadcaster Albert Mohler on his Web site.

Focus on the Family, who some gays and lesbians call a "hate group," appears to be staying well clear of this particular fray. They gave "Spear" a rave review on its entertainment Web site (

Secular reviewers haven't been quite as kind ... The Gazette's national film reviewer of choice, Roger Moore, gave the flick a "C-plus."


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