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Friday, January 05, 2007

Support strong for Armstrong

As the state's Episcopal diocese takes a look at some financial improprieties allegedly committed by the Rev. Don Armstrong of Colorado Springs' Grace Episcopal Church, some folks think the charges amount to a big bunch of hooey.

The support comes from the conservative wing of the Episcopal Church, of which Armstrong was -- and is -- a driving force. The head of the American Anglican Council said in a press statement that he expects Armstrong's "full exoneration."

“Father Armstrong is a strong leader for biblical orthodoxy, and the AAC stands in support of him as the investigation into the actual facts of the situation is expanded,” said the Rev. Canon David C. Anderson, AAC President and CEO. “It is curious that these claims have arisen at this time, when other revisionist bishops across the nation have exhibited great hostility toward priests and churches within their respective dioceses who have taken similar stands to Fr. Armstrong’s in support of historic Anglicanism and biblical Christianity.”

Whether Armstrong will be exonerated or not, time will tell.


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