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Friday, December 29, 2006

Winding Down

It's been quite a year around Colorado Springs. All the city's religion writers -- um, me -- were kept pretty darn busy. The beat feels a bit different now than just a few months ago. One of the city's most media-friendly pastors is gone. Colorado Springs' political-religious influence appears to be on the wane, at least temporarily.

But there'll be plenty to write about in 2007. Issues of human sexuality will continue to rage. I think they'll get even bigger, as the Episcopal Church struggles to stay together and evangelicals wrestle with it in their own way. Tensions between Christianity and Islam, Christianity and secularism -- heck, Christianity and folks of all manner of faiths -- will probably escalate, too, as our increasingly pluralistic society continues to evolve.

But on a personal note, I hope to find more sites like this -- posted earlier, but it's still my fave. Have a great new year.


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