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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Away in the Box Office

According to this morning's Gazette, we Colorado Springs folks just can't get enough of "The Nativity Story." While the film fell out of the top 10 nationally, it's still going strong here, holding down the No. 4 spot.

What The Gazette's story didn't note is that the film got stronger as December wore on.

"Nativity" earned $38,358 last week, compared to the $23,585 the movie earned when it was released in late November. All told, Springs movie-goers have plunked down $104,551 to see the film.

Granted, "Nativity"-goers will drop dramatically now that all their Christmas presents have been unwrapped, and the film's monthlong take wasn't close to the $157,655 "Night at the Museum" made in one week here. Still, Colorado Springs residents have an appetite for faith-driven films -- even when they know the ending.


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