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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holy Biblical Heroes, Batman!

Biblical action figures, believe it or not, are old news. I have one at my desk -- a fairly reverent representation of Moses, looking very Charlton Heston-like with his beard, staff and commandment tablets.

Now the original creator of G.I. Joe has come up with his own line of biblical action figures: No grey beards for these He-Men: Moses -- seen at left -- looks like he could smite Pharoah's butt all over Egypt if he had the urge. Obviously, this Moses has undergone some serious weight training, and has put away his God-blessed staff and commandments for a beefy sword and shield.

The figures, most available for $12.99 here, include a slingshot-weilding David, a Fabio-like Sampson, and a youthful-looking Noah toting a crossbow and accompanied by a wolf. Oh, there are also two Barbie-like girl action figures, too -- Deborah and Esther -- but alas, they don't come with swords.


Anonymous Zen said...

Praise Jesus, pass the violence. This preoccupation with swords and shields and the armor of God, this fixation on war and apocalypse and tribulation is so dark, so negative, so wrong. This is not Christ.

12:42 AM  

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