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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Sun and the Son

Environmentally-minded evangelicals are getting some significant traction, it appears. The nation may hear on Tuesday whether it's having an effect.

Hundreds of newspapers, including The Gazette, ran stories this morning about the alliance between scientists and some evangelical leaders over the issue of global warming. It's the latest, most tangible step for a growing environmental movement among evangelicals.

The evangelical community isn't standing lock-step behind this effort. In 2006, as many prominent evangelicals pushed to broaden their agenda to include global warming, some prominent conservative evangelicals, including a few at Focus on the Family, signed their own statement arguing the science behind it was uncertain and had been manipulated. Some just want the evangelical agenda to be tightly focused on its traditional core issues, such as abortion and human sexuality.

But some believe that the evangelical push may be having an affect on how President Bush thinks about such things. Bush will apparently address environmental issues during his State of the Union Speech Tuesday.


Anonymous Zen said...

Bout damn time evangelicals step up to the environmental plate. I've been watching this develop since Tony Campolo's "How To Rescue The Earth Without Worshipping Nature".

11:35 PM  

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