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Monday, January 15, 2007

Jack and Jesus

Hey, I like '24' as much as anybody. I've nibbled away my nails for five seasons now, developing ulcers while watching uber-cop Jack Bauer save the world yet again through all means dubious and devious.

Little did I know that Jack Bauer -- yes, the same Jack Bauer who went all "Nosferatu" on an unsuspecting terrorist last night -- is the central figure in a 21st century Christian parable. Some Christian pundits say Jack is a stand-in for Christ, albeit one who cuts off fingers and has a college drinking game inspired after him.

Sure, Jack wants peace on earth. But only after he puts a serious Old Testament smack on the baddies.

At least one prominent local pastor referenced "24" in his sermons this weekend. Several bloggers have noted that the show's a favorite among many Christian leaders -- perhaps because Jack, like Jesus, is willing to sacrifice himself for a greater good.

Author Tim Wesemann wrote an entire Christian book on the topic, titled "Jack Bauer's Having a Bad Day." And that book focuses only on Season One -- more may be forthcoming.

Hey, the first time we saw Jack he even LOOKED a little like Jesus, with his beard and scarred back and all. Every season is Jack's own passion play, filled with oodles of pain and suffering and misunderstandings.

Still, the analogy can be taken only so far. I mean, what sort of lessons would true believers draw from such a show? Stabbing someone in the kneecap is OK if they have pertinent information? And, if Jack is Jesus, would Chloe be Mary Magdalene?

If you have any particularly faithful observations from either last night's or tonight's shows, give me a holler and let me know.


Anonymous Zen said...

They're fighting the wrong battles and picking the wrong heroes if you ask me.

11:56 PM  

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