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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Campus Crusade for ...

Religion watchers, mark your calendars for Oct. 18-21, when Colorado College will present a mammoth symposium titled "Religion and Public Life: Why Be Afraid?"

Gary Hart, former state senator and author of the book "God and Caesar in America: An Essay on Religion and Politics," will give the keynote. He'll be joined by other political and religious luminaries, including liberal evangelical the Rev. Jim Wallis, former Bill Clinton religious advisor Phil Wogaman, and Colorado Springs' own omnipresent evangelical, the Rev. Ted Haggard of New Life Church.

It should be interesting. Heck, even the title is worthy of discussion: What does the "why be afraid" mean? That we have nothing to fear, or that we should be very, very afraid? Hart believes the latter, and it appears that many other panelists swing that way, too. Haggard's the only conservative Christian advocate I could identify of the bunch, though perhaps there are others.


Blogger Eric said...

These folks should be careful around Haggard. He tried to run down Richard Dawkins after an interview, and accused him of calling his children "animals".

The footage is part of Dawkin's excellent documentary (much of it filmed in Colorado Springs).

Part 1 is here
Part 2 is here.

12:14 PM  
Blogger my_take said...

I don't know about Haggard trying to run someone over, but I can say that this; Haggard and the many others in the 'church growth' movement are perhaps why this conference is being held. Evangelical christianity has been heavily influenced of late, (the past 10 or so years) by the 'latter rain', 'new apostolic reformation', 'third wave of the Holy Spirit', and other such extra-biblical movements. Which in turn have influenced and caused the great explosion in mega-chuches. Call it what you will, it seeks to move Christians backward into a pre-reformation heirachial system predicated on a reliance or submission to self-appointed leaders. No surprise this conference is here, our city is graced with the father of many of these ideas, C. Peter Wagner. Wagner is a former associate of Haggard, and co-founder of the World Prayer Center. Just a cursory study of what these men are accomplishing as far as influence, and what they believe is eye opening.

9:59 AM  

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