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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Madness has Begun

Hey, I'm as excited about the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament as anybody. I love March Madness.

But it doesn't do much to scratch my geeky-religious itch this year.

Sure, there are plenty of Catholic colleges in the field of 64. Lots of schools have Protestant connections, too. And the evangelical Oral Roberts University is back.

But there aren't many teams with cool, religious-sounding nicknames. Yes, the Duke Blue Devils are in there -- a team that could meet the Holy Cross Crusaders in the Elite Eight (assuming you-know-where freezes over). And there is an intriguing first-round matchup between the Louisville Cardinals and the Stanford Cardinal -- but I don't think either school was thinking about the red-clad Catholic leaders when they picked those nicknames.

Me, I'd like to see a religious nickname tourney. The Preachers of Johnson Bible College could take on the Quakers of the University of Pennsylvania. and the Battlin' Bishops of Ohio Wesleyan could tangle with the Deacons of Bloomfield College. There could be a whole neo-pagan-nickname division, where the Norse of North Kentucky U. would vie against the Celts of the University of St. Thomas. There'd be an Ancient Jewish division, too, where the Prophets of Oklahoma Baptist College and Institute could battle the Maccabees of Yeshiva University.

The game I'd like to see, though, would pit the Blue Angels of Mount Mary College against DePauw University's Blue Demons. It'd look like blue Armageddon.

And the winner, just for kicks, could take on Presbyterian College's Blue Hose.


Anonymous GB said...

Just for the record: DePauw's mascot is the Tigers. You probably meant DePaul University, whose mascot is the Blue Demons.

3:09 PM  

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