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Monday, March 05, 2007

God's Layoffs

Layoffs are tough no matter how you slice it. When they occur in a place of faith, I'd imagine they're particularly difficult.

New Life Church just released 44 of its employees -- victims, officials say, of overstaffing and a dip in revenue. The layoffs, surely, weren't a surprise. New Life has been through a rocky time, beset with scandal and turmoil. All the upheaval was bound to affect the bottom line. And with millions of dollars wrapped up in paying the church's 250 employees, something had to give.

Those affected, though, not only must deal with the pain of being let go and the uncertainty as to where they'll get their next steady paycheck, these folks may deal with added psychological trauma. For many who work at church or one of Colorado Springs' religious organizations, their jobs are more than jobs -- they're callings. Many feel they've been pegged by God to do this sort of work. When that work is unexpectedly taken away, where do they go? What do they do? Does it mess with their image of God? Can they feel equally "called" to work for, say, Hewlett-Packard?

Sounds like an interesting story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know several of the layoff victims..they are good people and after the shock has subsided..I am certain they will move on..these are people of a strong faith..and the Lord...not heart aches for the many wonderful people who continue to remain at NLC..I could no longer be a part of this church..I have no trust in the leadership there..they were mentored and taught by Ted..they are very much like him..I do believe there should be a clean sweep of the "executive staff" at NLC

10:44 AM  
Blogger Paul Asay said...

If you'd care to talk privately about any of this -- folks who might be willing to chat with me, or about your own experiences at New Life, write to me at

In the meantime, I wish them, and you, the best.

10:52 AM  

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