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Monday, March 12, 2007


The folks from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., are coming to visit -- but don't feel bad if you can't offer them a place to stay.

Westboro, led by Fred Phelps, is not so much a church as a tight-knit family cult, known for its intense rhetoric against gays and lesbians. Westboro members likely spend more time picketing other churches than they spend praying in their own, and the squad earned a measure of national notoriety when many states (including Colorado) enacted laws specifically designed to keep Phelps et al some distance away from military funerals. Folks at Westboro believe that the war in Iraq is God's divine retribution for what they consider the nation's tolerance of homosexuality.

Colorado Springs is a favorite stopover for Westboro members -- perhaps because folks like me sometimes write about them when they come. They've picketed churches, funerals, Palmer High School and even Focus on the Family. This time around, they'll be picketing the city's five largest churches -- New Life Church, Woodmen Valley Chapel, First Presbyterian Church, Rocky Mountain Calvary and Mountain Springs Church. Westboro says these churches have "created the evil Zeitgeist in which sodomy and adultery (including divorce and remarriage) have brought the wrath of God upon America."

Here's the link to Westboro, for those who are curious about what else they have to say. Be warned, though: The site will likely be offensive to most.


Anonymous zen said...

I like to take troubled kids down to the protests, point out the Westboro clan and remind the youth that this is what happens to people who don't take education seriously, and don't learn to think for themselves.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous saved man said...

education is no longer about free thinking but about systematic thinking. Westboro don't reflect the teaching of Jesus but the thinking of themselves. God always hates the sin but lves the sinner so much HE gave his only son to die for all. that would turn away from thier way and turn to Jesus the way the truth and the life. Westboro is a cult. The result of wrong thinking but neither are universites that label student that don't conform to the view of the day as close minded and bigoted the very think they foster but holding young men and women futures hostage

9:05 PM  

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