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Friday, January 26, 2007

And for your Friday...

Religious-themed toy of the week: Nunzilla.

This wind-up figurine is about three inches tall, walks very slowly across one's desk, and, apparently, spews sparks from her mouth -- a nifty trick that, to my knowledge, only this toy and my editors have been able to master.

Colorado Springs' own EvolveFish outlet -- the company that outfitted so many of our car bumpers with those little fish with feet -- is selling Nunzilla for $5. But you can find it elsewhere for less than $4. Archie McPhee has the best price I found -- $7.50 for two. You could wind them both up, turn them to face each other and watch them go at it. Or keep one and give the extra to a friend, relative, or Colorado Springs religion writer.


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