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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Think church is full of hot air?

You ain't seen nothing yet. Check this out.

It looks like the inflatable church is mainly built (?) for weddings, but I can't help thinking that, with as many Colorado Springs churches looking for places to meet these days, this might be a creative solution.


Blogger Prod.Net said...

I feel like I should share that when I first read the headline "Inflatable Churches" and "Think church is full of hot air", I did think of couple of the main stream churches in Colorado Springs. I attended a church in town which we will simply call WVC. In the almost 10 years I called WVC my home church, I was frustrated by how shallow and plastic it had come to feel. It was all about the big show. I looked at the picture of the inflatable church on the link and thought, you know... that looks liek somethign WVC would setup and SpringSpree as a PR booth. Are you a pipe or a bucket? It is better to be a pipe, but it is better to be a water pipe of living water, then jsut a grey water pipe.

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