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Monday, March 06, 2006

It's not easy being gay

At the risk of going on Focus on the Family overload ...

According to the Associated Press, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute wants the government to take a greater role in managing or monitoring religious programs designed to turn youth away from homosexuality.

The Task Force's report on such programs came on the heels of a February "Love Won Out" conference in St. Louis, sponsored by Focus and a homosexual recovery group called Exodus International. The conference teaches attendees that homosexuals can change their lifestyle. Focus has produced dozens of similar conferences, and the Task Force seems to be taking direct aim at these conferences. Folks for the task force argue that such programs damage the psyche of young gays and lesbians. And frankly, they add, the programs don't work all that well, either.

"Many of these programs are crossing the line as to what is approved under freedom of expression," said Matt Foreman, executive director for the task force. "This deserves attention. It deserves to be regulated."

Bill Maier, a Focus vice president and psychologist-in-residence, took issue with the report. Are you surprised?

"This report is another attempt to silence a message that is not tolerated by America ’s gay-activist organizations — a message that change is possible," Maier said in a press release from Focus' public policy organ, CitizenLink.


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