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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Buried in books

It's been raining books around the religion desk lately -- so many, in fact, that it's becoming difficult to see my computer screen. A few come from local pastors.

Rob Brendle, who pastors Saturday Night services at New Life Church, recently published a book called "In the Meantime: The Practice of Proactive Waiting." J.R. Briggs, who heads Pierced worship services at Woodmen Valley, just released "When God Says Jump: Biblical Stories that Inspire You to Risk Big." And the Rev. James White, retired senior pastor at First Congregational Church-United Church of Christ, yesterday handed me a copy of his long-awaited book "Christianity 101: Tracing Basic Beliefs."

I can't wait to read them all.

But they'll have to wait until I've finished reading "A Field Guide to Evangelicals and Their Habitat" by Joel Kilpatrick. It's a satirical look at the evangelical subculture and, though Kilpatrick isn't local, the book is still a must-read for any religion writer working in Colorado Springs. Which would include me.

I'll be writing a story on this book in a week or two, but if you're interested in getting a taste of the book, go to Kilpatrick's Web site at


Blogger my_take said...

The plethora of Christian books troubles me. It seems as if some are falling into a trap of 'wanting their ears tickled by accumulating for themselves teachers according to their own desires'. 2 Timothy 4:3. While there is nothing wrong per se with topical books, I believe that alot of them out there that are like rat poison, ie, 99% corn meal and 1% poison. We are never to syntheisize the revealed Word of God with the writings and experiences of men. As Paul stated in Galatians, you can't have it both ways.
Take for example the very popular best seller, Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. This book is a combination human philosophy with a few bible verses here and there. Warrens philosophy in this book can be clearly traced back to the outcome based systems of Peter Drucker, who took his philosophies from the germanic esoteric concepts of Hegel, Marx and others. Unfortunately, this is just one example of the many 'christian books' out there which proport to help Christians in their walk, but actually serve to muddy the simplicity of what the Bible teaches.
Christians beware, study your Bible first and foremost. Test everthing by the Word of God. Eph 4:14, 1 Tim 4:1, 1 Tim 6:2-4. Jesus warned that following the precepts of men leads to vain worship, Mark 7:7. Constantly looking to the latest contraption built by men to place on top of the Bible usually only obscures the truth of Scripture.
In this regard A.W.Tozer gave a great admonition, it is better to separate from the herd to keep from going off the cliff.

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