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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The silver (and green) lining

As I mentioned last week, New Life Church was burgled of at least some of its tithes and offerings March 12. No word as to how the investigation is going, but apparently a couple of other churches in town are giving New Life -- the city's biggest church with 14,000 members -- a helping hand.

New Life officials report that Woodmen Valley Chapel and Church for All Nations both gave money to New Life after they heard about the burglary. Officials declined to say how much was donated.

Some people in Colorado Springs' faith community sometimes whisper that the city's churches have a difficult time working together. New Life has always presented itself as a catalyst for church cooperation -- its senior pastor, the Rev. Ted Haggard, has often said he wants all "life giving" churches in Colorado Springs to grow, not just his -- but some pastors are bound to be, well, a little envious of New Life's growth and presence. In church circles, size matters.

But for folks who like to hear about churches helping other churches, this is an encouraging gesture.


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