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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bible labeled indecent

More than 800 Hong Kong residents have called on authorities to reclassify the Bible as "indecent" due to its sexual and violent content, following an uproar over a sex column in a university student journal, according to Reuters.

The complaints follow the launch of an anonymous Web site that says the holy book "made one tremble" given its sexual and violent content.

The Web site also said the Bible's sexual content "far exceeds" that of a recent sex column published in the Chinese University's "Student Press" magazine. That column was later deemed indecent by the Obscene Articles Tribunal, sparking a storm of debate about social morality and freedom of speech.

Publicity stunt? I'm thinking yes. Anyone here in the Springs agree with the students?

(Paul's off today. Thought I'd post something for y'all to ponder.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. you don't see kids shooting their peers or becoming molesters because they read the Bible, now do you?

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Jere Joiner said...

Anonymous, that's because Western readers have learned to distinguish between allegory and the so-called word of Allah as written by Muhammad. Muhammad commands his follows to slay, kill, enslave, etc., but then says in his Medinan writings don't do these things unless those who are being killed have attacked Muslims. That's why there're better words to use today than terrorist -- I like murderers and criminals better.

Moderate Muslims do not condemn people of the book (Jews and Christians) and in many cases live side-by-side with them in the Middle East. But they fear the radical element, just as we would fear rampaging gangs and criminals in this country.

In our country, the Constitution protects criminals until they have been proven guilty in a court of law, and then only after due process has been followed. The Middle East doesn't understand the concept of due process, probable cause and other terms that we take for granted.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous zen said...

The post is about Hong Kong and the sexual content of the Bible. How did we end up with a rant on Muslims? It's okay Jere - you're welcome here too.

I don't think that the King James Version is indecent. But the Revised Standard should be sent back to Hell where it belongs.

Just kidding.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Darkhorse'08 said...

anonymous did you ever hear of the crusades? how about the guy that used a hunting rifle to kill an abortion doctor. Then there is the guy who blew up bombs in Georga at the Olympic ceremony and also blew up some abortion clinics. Thou shall not kill. Don't forget the quiver full movment that are raising there kids as christian soldiers to KILL the enemies of Christianity

11:15 AM  
Anonymous EvolveFISH said...

Of course the bible drips with violence and sex. Plus slavery, bigotry, intolerance, racism and nationalist Jingoism. Right here in Jesus Springs preachers call for US Air Force assisted nuclear armageddon to rain hell-fire on Jeruselum and secure the 2nd coming of JC.

3:42 PM  

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