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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More Pie?

A reader just directed me to the "titusonenine" blog, a site dedicated to conservative Anglicanism, where a posting on Sunday's pie-throwing incident at Grace Church reveals (according to Christina Crippen, 17-year-old daughter of Grace spokesman Alan Crippen) that the pie was "very creamy and had a graham cracker crust."

The article has, thus far, received 25 responses. 25! Some were fairly serious. Others, not so much. Here's an example:


The Single Pie Theory and The Attempted Assassination of The Rev. Donald Armstrong II

I don’t know if I buy this “single pie theory” put forth by the Crippen Commission on Church Assassinations. In fact, I think the lone pie thrower, Marcus, may well be a patsy to cover up the fact that this is really a conspiracy. One, I suspect, involving Episcopalians residing at First Christian Church.

I’ve even heard one eye witness testify that another pie from the grassy pew area of the nave was where the real culprit was in waiting to throw, not a banana cream pie, but in fact a cheery (sic) tartlet, with whipped cream on top.

The case evidence speaks to the contrary as well. The pie that splattered onto the floor into sacred space, no less, could not have been one pie. When the confectionary missile was weighed it, too, was over the allotted limit for a singular tart. This also suggests two pie throwers and not one as the Crippen Report would lead us to believe.

I believe the FBI needs to get involved now due to the serious nature of this assault and the possible cover-up and fraud being perpetuated on Anglicans everywhere.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pie is the least of Armstrong's problems. The Grace Episcopal website now links a number of documents bearing on the diocese's summary motion to get him out of its church, among them:
I am no lawyer, but this looks lke it was over before it started.

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The question is, when is it permissible, even laudable, to throw an object at a preacher during a sermon, and when is it a crime. It's the former if an enlightened Progressive throws an object at a Neanderthal conservative. It's the latter if a Neanderthal conservative throws it at an enlightened Progressive. Now you have all been educated, and if you disagree with the Progressive position you are not morally fit to even enter the discussion.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

An assasination conspiracy involving Episcopalians?

Oh, funny. <><

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