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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dress for Litigation

One of the most fascinating things about the Culture Wars is that the battlegrounds can pop up anywhere.

The latest skirmish sprouted in a Philadelphia suburb, where an elementary school principal told a 10-year-old boy he couldn't dress up as Jesus for Halloween. The Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian activist organization that serves as a Culture War Geiger counter, is now suing on behalf of the boy, who says his civil rights were violated.

According to the Associated Press story, the boy and his mother don't observe Halloween because of its pagan roots, but the mom didn't want the boy ostracized by going to school costume-free for the day. And since other kids were dressed up as witches and devils, the mom thought, it seemed like the school might need a little Jesus.

No dice. The principal made the kid take off his crown of thorns. He was allowed to keep the robe, but was told to tell his classmates that he was a Roman Emperor.


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