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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hoping for a Miracle

I spent some time talking with the Rev. Steve Brooks yesterday.

Brooks, senior pastor for Springs Community Church, is suffering from Motor Neuron Disease, often a precursor to Lou Gehrig's disease -- an incurable condition that, barring a miracle, always leads to death.

Brooks, who co-founded the church in 1985, is hoping for a miracle. But he's not counting on one. The disease has taken a toll on his fine motor skills: His hands freeze when he types, and when he talks it sounds slurred as if he's come back from the dentist. But he continues to preach nearly every Sunday, telling his congregants that God is with everyone -- even in the sucky times.

He's not planning on leaving the church, but he's preparing for it -- just in case.

"Congregations get way too attached to the founding pastor," he said. "This has been a gift from heaven to say to the congregation, God is the head of Springs Community Church, not Steve Brooks."

Look for a full story in The Gazette early next month.



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