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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jesus Links

Golf is as "holey" a sport as you're going to find. Just look at The Masters last weekend: One stretch of the course is called "Amen Corner," the final round was held on Easter Sunday and Zach Johnson, the unheralded golfer who won the thing, has Bible verses inscribed on his ball marker.

It was only a matter of time before someone came out with a golfer's Bible.

The wait is over.

The Golfer's Bible, sponsored by an organization called the In His Grip Golf Association (get it?), has inspirational stories from pro golfers, prayers and devotionals that illustrate "the parallel between golf and faith," and, of course, the Scripture itself.

I'd say that makes this a real hole-y Bible, but it wouldn't be that funny.


Blogger Serving at 6700 said...

This is an interesting concept. So maybe in the golf context, a mulligan = grace, ball in the water = baptism, and Christ’s model of the sinless life would equal a hole in one (probably more like 18 holes in one.) Since most golfers I know cheat heavily at the game, this may not be a bad idea. This seems to be the latest marketing tool to sell the best-seller of all time. I wonder how many of these will be given for Father’s Day only to lay dormant on a shelf with other Bibles? My advice is that the golfer should “improve the lie” of their current Bible by reading it more often.

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