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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Political Matrimony

Mid-term elections sent a horde of new Democrats into office and a stern message to President Bush: We're tired of this war.

Perhaps underplayed this time around was the fact that most states, apparently, aren't too keen on same-sex marriage. This should thrill folks at Focus on the Family, who've spent a lot of time pushing states to enact "marriage protection" amendments. Oddly enough, I've not heard from Focus on the Family. They're still working on their response to the elections, a spokesperson tells me.

In Colorado, citizens voted to define marriage as between a man and woman and nixed Referendum I -- a measure that would, essentially, have given the state same-sex civil unions.
The tune was much the same elsewhere: Idaho passed a marriage definition bill with 63 percent of the vote, South Dakota with 52 percent, Wisconsin with 59 percent, Virginia with 57 percent, South Carolina with 78 percent and Tennessee with a whopping 81 percent.

But one state bucked the trend: In Arizona, an amendment that would've banned same-sex unions failed, 51-49 percent.


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